Isaac Laboy
Isaac Laboy
Making a Masterpiece

When Isaac sets out to make a carving, he starts with a rectangular piece of wood and draws the front view on one side, and possibly partial drawings for the side view depending on what the carving is. While carving, Isaac claims to have a dialogue with the wood as he uncovers the figure beneath the fibers of the wood. Most of the wood is removed using a hammer and various chisels and gouges before the fine detailing that is accomplished using much smaller hand gouges and knives. The figure begins to emerge. Very fine details are incorporated using a wood burner, while some of the roughness is smoothed over with the help of filler and sealer. After the final sanding, the paint is applied. Unlike most other talladors, Isaac has very few, if any solid color on his pieces, he prefers to mix the colors as he goes.

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Isaac Laboy Roughing it out.
Creating the basic shape. Isaac Laboy
Isaac Laboy Making sure the larger details are finished.
Burning in the fine details. Isaac Laboy
Isaac Laboy Painting
Adding the halo and the base to finish the winning entry. Isaac Laboy
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